Sticky Buns

  Take a bite of this sweet ooey gooey goodness      

  coated with pecans and you will not be able    

  to stop!

6 buns- $16.75

9 buns- $23

12 buns- $28.75




  Crumb Cake​

 A buttery soft cake with a powdery surplus of soft  crumbs    piled on top ​​

* See platters page for other options*

Life is short, eat dessert first!

Local and would like delivery/pickup rather than shipped?  Check out our flavors on the website above and send us an email with your order. 


  Blondies   - Traditional/Specialty                ($17.75) 

​(sold in trays. cut into 16 (2"x2") pieces)

  • Traditional  -   A soft,dense, delicious treat with lots of white chocolate chips 
  • Snickerdoodle -  A smooth chewy blondie blended with white chocolate chips and a ribbon of cinnamon sugar right through.  There is a slight crispiness to the top, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar   
  • Fluffernutter  - A kid friendly sandwich favorite.  This peanut butter blondie comes packed with peanut butter chips and candies, swirled with marshmallow in every bite.  One nibble and it will send you back to your youth!
  • S'mores - Gather around the campfire (or just feel like you are) with this perfect reminder of your favorite camping trip. A perfect blend of graham cracker, chocolate, and ooey, gooey marshmallow  

(12 pieces)- 2"x3"each


  (single flavor)  $18/8      $33/16      
2 flavors)       $20/8      $36/16 

6 rolls- $13.75

​9 rolls- $18.85

​12 rolls- $23.50

​     ​choose from:

       -Chocolate Chip             - Oatmeal Raisin

         - White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

         - Cookies and Cream       -  Sugar

         - Double Chocolate Chip/Inside Out Chocolate Chip

          - seasonal flavor

     Chocolate Chip Only- 

       Small ( 12 ct.) $9.45  (24 ct. ) $17.75  (36 ct.)  $23.75

       Large  (12 ct.) $17.75  (24 ct)  $30.25

     Specialty (all other) Flavors or Mixture- 

       Small (12 ct.) $12.75  (24 ct.)  $23.75  (36 ct.) $33.75

       Large (12 ct.)  $23.75  (24 ct.)  $38.75

  Raspberry Braid

  Delicious robust raspberry wrapped in dough  

  drizzled with sweet vanilla icing


Looking for more about Biscotti? Check out our sister site, dedicated to and offering shipment of biscotti throughout Massachusetts.

1 braid= 7, 1" pieces 

(serves 5-7 people)


  Cinnamon Rolls  ​​​​​ 

 ​​Cinntastic Buns- It starts with a pillowy soft     dough smothered in brown sugar and cinnamon

  and is topped off with a sweet vanilla icing

  • vanilla bean -  Tender flaky dough with vanilla bean flecks throughout,  covered with a  thin sweet vanilla glaze

  • orange cranberry - A delicious dough with orange zest and dried cranberries

  • lemon blueberry - You can taste the summer air with this refreshing blend of lemon and blueberries. Topped with a light lemon glaze                                 
  • cinnamon chip- Sweet cinnamon chips fill this buttery soft dough
  • raspberry white chocolate- Robust raspberry dough blended with creamy white chocolate


(sold in trays. cut into 16 (2"x2") pieces)

  • K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetie) - Soft fudgy chocolate brownie kissed with chocolate chips throughout                ($14.55) 
  • All specialty flavors- ($19.00) 
  • Pretzel crusted                                                      Salty and sweet; a hard combination to beat.  Brownies layered upon a crunchy bed of crushed pretzels and brown sugar  
  • Just Mint to be                               - Chocolate brownies with a layer of   soft mint melted on the top ​    
  • Peanut butter                                    - Peanut butter makes everything better, even brownies!  This brownie has a few hidden gems of crushed peanut butter cups, topped off with a creamy peanut butter frosting  
  • Brookie​​                                       -    Celebrate the union of two american favorites! A gorgeous sinfully chocolate brownie topped with america's favorite cookie, chocolate chip! Enter the BROOKIE​​ 


** Please see Platters page for more options**

* Prices do not include delivery charge. See      delivery tab for details*